Saturday, July 13, 2019

Prep Day

We leave tomorrow for Dip Netting 2019.

Today we work.

I planted a few things in the garden, made sure all was watered and weeded.  Benny and Dad encouraged me along...

Benny isn't so sure about the new sprinkler.

Michael and Alex worked on the RV.

Stacia and I did some cooking and loaded food into the RV.

Krista, Nolan, Alex and Stacia went to Eagle River this evening for the Bear Paw Festival. 

Photo by Krista
Michael and I kept working until we could do no more. Then we took Dad out to a local restaurant Michael really likes. He was impressed with the .10 coffee.

I think we're ready to leave for Fish Camp - Dip Netting 2019 - in the morning.

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