Friday, August 02, 2019

Benny Approves

We asked Arielle to let us know when Benny went outside this morning. We wanted to see his reaction when he noticed the play structure that appeared over-night.

Benny came upstairs to wake up Papa; I went outside with the camera and the zoom lens. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜‰πŸ˜ƒ He LOVES to go outside and often uses visiting us as an excuse to get out via the deck. He walked out on to the deck and saw the structure.

"Nice," he said.

Followed by, "wow!"

Just in case there is any doubt about his excitement.  

He tried out the picnic table. I think Gideon will love the climb and Bella will have many happy tea-parties here.  He stayed just a minute - there was much to check out. 

It was right about here when he thrilled Papa and Bachan by stopping, looking at us, and saying, "Thank you."  (That'll preach). 

He's a bit unsure about the height - and that's o.k. 

"Look! The hammock moved!"

The slide is a hit. 

I planned to get a bucket swing.  Arielle says he doesn't like them. I'll see if Bre thinks it would be nice for Gideon, Bella or Annie.  Benny likes to swing on his tummy so this is fine for him. 

                        He's not so sure about sitting on his bum. 

The rock wall is still quite a challenge.

Shew! Auntie Koko shared her protein drink. 

Stacia and Benny
 He is content! 

 I could let you think he's a young praise dancer....up on his tip toes. 

We haven't shown him one can hang upside down from this bar. 

He's a tease....

This was his favorite way to slide today. 

Talking the new things over with Lucille....she's ready to run. 

Ah - a past time they both enjoy. 

New chairs too.

The planned gravel quarry for trucks under the structure will take care of the dusty bum syndrome.

We took a big step towards making the yard a fun place for the grands. Benny approves. I am quite sure Bella, Gideon and Annie will approve as well. We need to get the Frisbee goals put up again for us older folks.  The lynx has put a damper on the fun of hiding a few in the woods. 😜

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berrypatch said...

Ohhhhh... such joy! And I'm sure the sweet thank you melted a few hearts. Lots of memories to be made playing in your yard.