Sunday, August 04, 2019

Mother's Day in August

Michael suggested a date for he and I after church. I was surprised as I know he's tired and he had preached that morning...but he insisted it was a good time to go on a date. He said Krista could take Dad and the kids out to eat and he and I were going out.

So, we did. Then we meandered along - and I kept saying I wanted to go home for a Sunday nap..... We got home and SURPRISE!!!!

Mother's Day in August

For a family who didn't open Christmas gifts until February - this isn't over-the-top odd. 🐽 We were traveling on Mother's Day.....

There were flowers, gifts, nachos, kids and grand kids.....a good day was had by all....especially me.  This gave the "big boys" a chance to see the new play structure. 🐽
Stacia and Josiah 
 It was also Bella and Gideon's first time to see the structure. They approved. 
Bella likes the slide
 It didn't take long for Gideon to find the rock climbing wall. of these kids is not like the others....

We painted rocks - I need to get better at this. 


 Benny can't quite figure out why there aren't strawberries here any longer. πŸ˜‚

Creating masterpieces is serious work. 

Annie and Auntie Arielle
Annie is 6 1/2 months old
 Everyone got started on a game of 500 with the aerobie. 

"I have your wallet and keys, Uncle Jamin." 

What a fun expression....

He had a little help going this high. 

Woman down! 

Krista even made a sugar-free cheesecake. I was heartened to see the texture worked. We all agreed it needed to be a bit sweeter or have a bit more pizzazz...but this is an experiment we can build on. 

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