Friday, August 02, 2019

Salmon Galore

There's a line in the Lord of the Ring series...."Mutton yesterday, mutton today and blimey if it doesn't look like mutton tomorrow." Substitute "salmon" for mutton and that's what it feels like in my kitchen. πŸ˜› I was nervous about what to do with last year's salmon, but friends put my fears to rest. I didn't really have much time in the spring to do this anyway....but today I processed as much as last year's salmon as I could. 

I baked Salmon Bellies. They aren't anyone's favorite at this point.  Brenda reports, Carl simply puts them in with the rest of the salmon when he is canning. I will try that next. 

Michael smoked a smoker full and I canned them. Thirty-two half pints. 

I made two kinds of jerky. I threw some in Teriyaki. I used this recipe as well. I loved the peppery recipe....less sugar and more pepper. I was the lone hold out for something different from Teriyaki. 

Whichever flavor one likes  - this stuff appears to be addicting!

Yes, there was than salmon to the day....Michael and Alex made a Lowe's run and bought some stuff for a family project we're hoping to complete tomorrow. It's a "surprise" for someone; I can't say more. 😏 Dan kept me entertained with stories from the book he is reading (Of Moose and of Men). The girls finished painting. 

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