Saturday, October 12, 2019

Unexpected Fun Finale

My phone was ready to try out....I do like the photos on this one a lot more than the other one. I'm sure the almond butter inside the previous camera had something to do with the fuzzy photos. 

Michael found more lights and took them around the corner of the house and down along the deck. 

Krista had invited the girls from the youth group over for dinner, games/movie and spending the night.  As the day went on, it became apparent only one gal could make it - Allie. Stacia and Allie had plans to meet up this afternoon anyway.....rather than cancel....we invited the whole family over for dinner. 

Now THIS was God. We'd been trying to find the "right time" to have the D family over for a YEAR.  One thing and another kept getting "in the way." Spur of the moment...."Would your whole family like to come over for dinner and Allie can still spend the night?"  Their oven had JUST was great timing.  Nolan was home. Everyone was well.  Josiah dropped by and joined us.  AND...I didn't have any time to worry about the whole "what can I fix?" thing. Saturdays are "breakfast for dinner" at our home....I'd planned fruit and a couple of breakfast casseroles for the youth girls....and that's what we had. 

We're so glad they were flexible and came over for the evening. We visited while the "kids" played games....
Jessie, Josiah, Krista, Alex, Stacia, Allie
 It's a serious game of Nertz when everyone is on their feet! 

Yikes- we realized it was nearly 10 p.m. and the D family had a drive home.  This was an unexpected fun finale to the week.

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