Friday, October 11, 2019

First Snow and Much More

Michael stayed up and caught photos of our first snow of the year. October 11, 2019. I certainly wasn't up at 2:36 when these were taken. 

I did notice the white and cold at 8:00 a.m. LOL 

Stacia and I couldn't make it out for our Brave study....and we didn't make it out for breakfast today either. We DID sneak away for a bowl Hungarian Mushroom soup and a table in the corner. LOL The soup was yummy. Yummier still was the sugarless brownie!  The shop next to the coffee shop is one of our favorite spots to browse.  I think THIS would be the perfect lunch box for a person working in the local high school - Krista hasn't taken me up on it.
No one would mess with this lunch box. LOL 

Note that snow is now on the sheer face of the mountain...winter is coming soon.  We're watching the snow come down to our level. 

We got home to find Michael cleaning the chimney! YES. 
Krista's a great helper

When the clouds lifted - they left behind quite a bit more snow on the face of our mountain. 

A couple of days ago I bought a new phone. It was TIME - I've still not blogged about all my phone mishaps but I really thought this phone was a goner a year ago. LOL  ANYWAY - while we played Farkle tonight I let the phones exchange data. 
Photo via Krista 
Benny (and his parents) have been out all day. Cory's Mom is in town for a visit. He came up when he got home and heard a game going on. I am SURE they will be happy to be in a home where they do not have neighbors playing games above their heads. LOL  
Mike, Alex, Stacia, Benny, Krista, GG
 Benny models one of Stacia's hats - we're hoping it will fit the little one she made it for. 

It's been a full week....I spent Monday and Tuesday pretty much DOWN....and most of the week lounging....but the rest of the family got a LOT of things done around here.

BTW, while this was the first didn't stick around all I'm still proclaiming fall.

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