Wednesday, December 04, 2019

Just Living Life

UNGODLY noise last night. I began to rethink EVER getting a puppy. A puppy was yipping, screaming really. Number 2 puppy joined in. Benny joined in......
Photo by Arielle
Kimber, white pup, got her paw caught in the kennel latch. Shew....this isn't the norm.

This happened this morning.....A package of Alaskan Happy Hats ready to mail to Japan.  Go Stacia!

Benny went to work with Arielle and the puppies this morning. Stacia, Michael and I visited Freddies.....I'm trying to rework an Advent wreath and NEED those little cups which hold got lost in one of our moves. I never guessed this would be a hard item to find locally. I should have as I don't know what to call them. LOL

We got home and Benny materialized at my side, in the cold snow and informed me, "Brrrr Baachan - cold!" 

Arielle reports that is his summary on our winter wonderland!  "Brrr - cold pur ti."  They had arrived just before us and she knew where he was.
Photo by Arielle 
 A stop at the mailbox revealed a salmon-colored, package pick-up slip for Arielle. We offered to play with Benny so she could run back to town....the package was too exciting to wait for a future trip to town. 

Arielle leaves the gate open when she doesn't care if Benny comes upstairs to visit his people - us. We are used to Benny coming up the we had two new visitors upstairs. They made GG's day. 

This way puppies. 
 When the kids were young I amassed quite a respectable collection of Christmas books. I wrapped them each year and sometime during the day the kids would pick a book to unwrap and we'd read it together.  We greatly downsized when we retired, but we kept a few books with an eye to reading them to grands in the future. Benny has snuggled next to me on the couch and read a couple...but today.... Arielle's package was brand new Christmas books from a book party she attended online.  She wrapped them - and they are so cute! I love to see tradition AND a love of books being passed on.....
Photo by Arielle
I raced to have dinner ready. Alex and Stacia had youth and we got to meet with a sweet couple who will be married in one short to remember those days nearly 36 years ago.....

A sad winter photo. I used to look at the greenhouse last winter and dream of spring. I'm not so sure at this point. LOL 

I can't end the post without sharing a couple puppy love photos. 

It was a pretty hohum day.....but a good day lived well together.

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