Tuesday, December 03, 2019

Progress on Several Fronts

I realize it doesn't make for riveting blog reading, BUT I MADE CONTACT WITH AN INSURANCE AGENT and will hopefully have a new Medicare Supplement on line for Dad by tomorrow. It is HUGE to me to have that process finished. I am going to call a couple of local dental offices tomorrow. I've heard they have a plan for uninsured where they provide two cleanings and a set of x-rays for around $300 and then a discount for any work that needs to be done. There is no Medicare advantage in Alaska and none of the supplements offer dental. I did find one with vision after being told none would offer vision. I am not sure if it's best to try to buy a stand alone dental plan or to sign up with one of these other offices. Progress!

Carl and Michael continued working on the upcoming float. It doesn't LOOK like a lot was done today, but a verse was agreed on, the lettering for both the verse and the church's info is penciled in.....on both sides of each panel. We are hoping it warms up enough to take the main section with the stable outside to spray paint the rest of it..... Progress!

Stacia began the process of building a sledding hill. Progress! I know it made her a bit melancholy to do it alone. Both "boys" were off making money.  She slid down a couple of times. I needed the real camera to catch her and the battery was dead. HOW does that happen????? I leave it sitting and the battery dies. This really makes little sense.

I did laundry, cleaned up a bit, made dinner, and then Michael headed for an elder meeting at church. Progress!

Nolan is struggling with a migraine and headed for bed after dinner. I folded the mountain of laundry I washed today. I also kept working on Christmas decor. I need to go to the store for tacks and a few other bits and pieces....Michael doesn't think I should drive the car with a flat tire. Go figure!!! ::snort::

Arielle had a Monat call and so Benny came up and discovered me unpacking the yard nativity. I'm perplexed! WE have a big blow up stable scene....my guess is the blow up will go the way of the greenhouse....or end up floating down the mountain into town like a giant hot air balloon.

This set was Mom's. Dad was excited when he saw them tonight. I WILL find a way to use them. I thought I'd stake them down in the yard....they are a bit heavier...but they could soon be reduced to snow mounds.....

Benny was VERY excited when I pulled Joseph out of the box. "Jamin!!! Baachan, Jamin." Um....Jamin has a shaved head...and is blonde...but he does have a beard. I'm not really seeing it. ::wink::

I set them up out on the front porch for now. I'm not sure where to plug them in - but this gets them out of the entry way.

Benny kept snatching the baby. He alternately called him Baby Jesus and Baby Jamin. 

Note the Farkle players in the background. I hear tell that Krista won. Benny was insistent "Baby" be in the rocker.

I finally convinced him the baby would want to be with his Daddy and Mommy. I laid him down, Benny stood him up. I turned to deal with the next thing and turned back to see Benny giving the baby straw.... I left it. You have to love his heart for the Baby. Progress!

Stacia and I stopped in the basement for a bit of Puppy Love. 

Dad and I stayed up and read a bit after the "kids" went to their rooms. Dad woke with a back ache this a.m. He couldn't figure it out until he found the remote to his select number bed. He thinks Benny lowered the number to 0....it's possible.

With Dad in bed,  I set about filling out a W9 and paperwork needed for the Travis chapel to approve the purchase request for my travel and honorarium. Progress!

I'm ready to curl up with a mystery and call it a day - but first I DO need to put our laundry away....or maybe I'll leave it in the basket for tomorrow.

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