Sunday, December 01, 2019

That Christmasy Feeling Arrived

FINALLY....our winter found it's way home from Arizona. LOL It's SO pretty...though I'm not happy about the tire on my van and being grounded. LOL I have things I WANT to do this week.  Michael found a pair of cross country skis for himself and Alex on Craig's List. His came with boots....need to find boots for Alex and skis for Stacia and I.....the snow is HERE.

We spotted the wild turkeys as we drove home. I'm determined to get some good photos of them...but one never knows when they'll show up..... Robert, a friend in the know, has told us that turkeys are not native to Alaska. However they got here, this is the 2nd year we've had them. I believe the flock is growing....and I think it will be fun to have wild turkeys in the neighborhood. 

Even getting the mail is pretty in the winter. 

Our home in winter attire

Our backyard

 I will take a snow shovel with me to get Dad's paper tomorrow and clear a path. 
Side yard - the mountain is behind the fog

My tree - made it through another summer/fall. 

Our outdoor fridges are working well - they'll soon be freezers.  

The rockers are laid down because of wind. Just how windy has it been? Well THIS is what we woke to on Thanksgiving Day.  Note the bare grass. I NEED this greenhouse. Josiah and Michael are planning how to shore it up.
Photo taken 11-29!
I shoveled some paths for the girls....even with the covered play area....they are less than happy with the colder temps and snow.

The older girls are molting - BAD timing. 

My ruler blew away on a windy day....Michael decided to raise his weather station and attached the pole to the corner of the deck....he added ruler marks. We only have 4 inches of snow...but it's SNOW.  It's cold enough I think it will stay.  

It is handy not to have to walk out and plant the ruler....because we don't wear shoes in the house and my shoes are inevitably at the front door, I am most often barefoot for these it was nice to get this from the door.....but the ruler/mountain did have nicer ascetics. 

NOW it feels like Christmas. 

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