Saturday, February 22, 2020

Bowling with Gather Women

Sixteen bowlers and twenty participants at today's Gather Women Bowling extravaganza.  It was fun to have Krista here this year. Stacia attended as well.

Such a good sport - "Do something bowling like." 

I was on the perfect team - we were all there for the people. Thus, we were all winners. I deliberately visited instead of taking oodles of photos....I didn't grab a photo of Nancy or Britney J. 

Stacia, Jessie, Jacque

Stacia, Jessie (?), Jennifer
Brittany M, Sandy, Allie, Krista

Personally, I broke 50. 😉I did not break my personal best of 70.  LOL  Jennifer did not bowl on our lane - she broke at least 100. Bonnie came!  She hadn't bowled in "years."  It was fun to have her with us.
Bonnie amazes me!

A photo to remember Elise. Who could forget Elise? 

I stopped at 3 Bears on the way home....Stacia and Krista went to the Pioneer Home ( a local Senior Citizen's Home). The youth were visiting and delivering flowers.

We were invited out for games - but shoot - it would have taken dynamite to get this family out again once the boys got home from work and the rest of us got home from "things." We spent the evening watching season 1 of McGyver so I can try to understand season 4. LOL

*Gather Women Ministry is a ministry of our local church, Matanuska Assembly of God (MAG not to be confused with MAT).

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