Sunday, February 23, 2020

Sunday Fun

Our Sunday began with worship and then lunch at Panda Express with us and Brittany M.  Brittany dropped us off at Michael's (the craft store), while Michael and the guys ran to Lowes.

We'd barely gotten started when they were back to pick us up. Josiah and Jamin's church has recently changed service times so they haven't been making it out for lunch any longer. They DID come out for the afternoon and we watched a Spurs game, enjoyed games,  and YouTube videos of grizzly's chasing people. The big draw was determining if they were real or fake videos.  I choose to believe they are all fake. LOL
Nolan, Josiah, Michael 

Arielle and Benny stopped over for a visit this afternoon. Benny immediately asked for "Tea with Baachan," so we set about making that happen. I dried some giant grapes this summer and no one has wanted to eat the raisins. I discovered Benny likes "gummy grapes."
Benny and the gummy grapes

 The guys brought Cody for a visit. 
Jamin, Benny, Cody
Krista rested downstairs - she was fighting a headache. Stacia made chocolate/peanut butter treats with the mold she picked up at Michael's. The photo was fuzzy but they are in the shape of pizza slices, hamburgers and fries. LOL 

Dad, Stacia, Krista, and I watched an episode of the new series they enjoy. It's time to call it a night.

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Stampintotton said...

What game are the boys playing?