Saturday, February 15, 2020

Preparing for Sunday's Lunch

 Today is prep day! We are opening our home tomorrow to anyone from church who would like to come over for lunch...or anyone someone from church would like to invite for that matter.

We began by moving the exercise equipment to the girls room, furniture from the game room to the study, and the laundry table and card tables into the game room. THEN we put Dad's lifetime table upstairs, with our dining room table.

Arielle and Benny got caught up in the preparations. Benny was happy to help Krista "paint" glue on the completed puzzle of Portland, OR so it could be moved. 

I baked bread and made soups.

Stacia baked desserts - brownies and some yummy orange cookies dipped in chocolate.

We stopped for a tea break and Benny was thrilled to froth my chai for me.

All the soups are cooling off and heading for the downstairs fridge. I'll put them in crock pots in the morning and hopefully they'll be ready to go at lunch time. 

More to follow.

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