Sunday, March 22, 2020

Hospitality Chai & Quarantine Goals

 While Krista made breakfast, I assembled all the ingredient to make a  sugar-free Chai tea. 

Louise, and her husband, run the Travis Hospitality House. Lousie's homemade chai tea mix available at every Hospitality House meeting. She does not share the recipe until one moves to their next duty station. Since the gals at Travis' retreat were missing their Bible study...she brought some mix to the retreat. I LOVE chai tea.

Louise graciously sent me the recipe after the retreat, with the agreement I will not share the recipe. I have spent the past 7 weeks amassing all the ingredients. Ironically, instant tea powder was the hardest ingredient to find. I used Pyure (stevia) instead of sugar...and made sure all the ingredients were sugar's YUMMY.   As I assembled the mix, I tried to come up with a great name for this tea and finally decided, "Hospitality Chai," is a good enough name. Krista thinks its yummy too.  

Armed with cups of tea we sat around the table and discussed "Quarantine Goals"*.  I was motivated by Nate sharing he plans to finish his masters while on lock down. WHUT? 

 Hmmm...we talked about how to redeem the extra time we have around home.

  • Michael plans to finish some woodworking projects
  • Krista, Stacia and I want to continue our health regime
  • Alex wants to finish high-school
  • Stacia hopes to finish her freshman year early
  • Krista is making a Quarantine Quilt
  • Stacia is working on a surprise for a sister 
  • Dad's goal is "to stay alive" - alright then! 
  • I plan to spend time catching up the blog
  • Stacia and I want to go outside each day
  • There was talk of re-starting our YouTube channel
  • I NEED to start seeds so we can plant a garden in June
  • We want to laugh together at least once a day; big laughs
  • We plan to move more snow, read, play games, rest, connect
We've got goals! 

*Quarantine - we realize we are NOT really quarantined here. We are choosing to isolate, self-quarantine out of love for Dad and for our community. 

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