Sunday, March 22, 2020

Pajama Sunday or When the Moose Came to Church

Krista has tried to talk every staff she's worked with into having "Pajama Sunday." Finally, today, we had PAJAMA SUNDAY! We started with a LATE breakfast (because we NEVER have a late breakfast on Sundays) of breakfast burritos. 

Popcorn signaled it was time for church!  We staged a couple of photos and settled in to watch Pastor Shannon's message. (Because I honestly was paying attention and not bopping around getting photos). 

Last week we started a new series at church, "Saved." The plan is for Michael, Shannon, and Krista to each preach on various aspects of salvation.  Moving to a new venue is an added challenge! We discussed having Sunday messages to reflect our new dynamic, rather than trying to recreate a Sunday a.m. service online. We were glad Pastor Shannon had the first week. LOL  These are short online clips, meant to be discussed as a family and online. He had also posted worship play lists and a kids' video.

Michael shared last week that we "belong." Today, Pastor shared we are "blessed," which has little to do with external circumstances. He shared how we are blessed by God with His presence, purpose and peace.

After we watched the clip we discussed which of the "p" words impacted each of us personally. This led to insight as to "where" each of us are with  Covid-19 and to a good discussion. Three of us felt the word "peace" hit home, 2 "purpose," 1 "presence," and 1 "power to become or live like Christ."  Yeah, it's a houseful of pastors (four of us) you KNEW there would be at least one addition. ::snort:: We came to the conclusion that it all flows from presence....when I walk in relationship with Him, His presence leads to peace, purpose, and power. 

We knew our "service" was over when the moose came to church!  

This one concerned us most...thought she may have her calf outside our window!

Thus, ends our first church service during this season of life.


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