Monday, March 09, 2020

Magnificent Spring Break Monday

It is SPRING BREAK. We are filling the week with lots of activity. 

Nolan and Alex are working. Alex is busy trying to get caught up, and ahead, with school work.  Stacia and Alex have work samples due on Monday, the 15th. All of Alex's work and grades for the year are due May 1st.

Us gals started the week off with a breakfast meeting at Sophia's. Arielle and Stacia are going to have a table at the upcoming Bella sale to highlight Monat and Alaskan Happy Hats.  They met to discuss their table and shop for supplies. Krista, Benny and I joined them.
Impressed with the cinnamon atop my chai
 We checked out a couple of thrift stores.

Krista and Stacia needed to duck out to get on with the 2nd part of their day....Arielle, Benny, and I made a quick run to the library.

It was snowing all day - but the youth had plans. They decided to do a variety of local activities this year, rather than a youth winter conference. Today, they climbed to the top of Bodenburg Butte - in a snow storm. It was a fine and pleasant misery. 
Pastor Krista 

Go, Stacia. 
 The group at the top - they are NOT on the edge....
Stacia, Jesse, Evan, Josiah, Allie 
 They SLID down the Butte and it made for a much quicker descent than the ascent. Note the depth of the snow on the posts. They are sitting on ice-encrusted steps. 

Success! Back at the trail-head

They showed up at our house for hot chocolate, showers, and to change into wedding attire. All that in an hour - quite impressive. 
Quite the change in an hour! 
 We loaded everyone into our van and raced for the church. We arrived before the start of Ethan and Stacy's wedding.  The wedding was sweet, simple, and timeless.  There was a 2 hour break between the end of the ceremony and the start of the reception. We went with the D family and Mark and Mona to a local cafe for dinner. It was fun to fit that bit of community into the day. The kids kept our conversation lively with stories of their afternoon adventure.

The reception was in a beautifully decorated, historic train depot. We love this couple and are honored to be a part of their story - we enjoyed pre-marital counseling with them.

 I think we cleaned up well. None of us had worn dress up clothes since moving to Alaska. ::snort:: 

Michael and Stacia

Michael and Krista 

Michael and Me

It was a great first day of spring break filled with family time, youth adventures, a romantic wedding, table community, and a fun reception to top it all off.

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