Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Terrific Spring Break Tuesday

Today the Youth Group enjoyed "Triple Sonics Tuesday." They met and viewed Sonic at the theater, went to the arcade and played Sonic, and then went to Sonics for lunch.
Stacia, Josiah, Jesse, Evan, Allie, Krista

lunch time 
 The highlight of my day was visiting Bre and the grands.  They were finishing lunch when I arrived.  I brought some Almond Poppy Seed muffins and some sugar free banana/chocolate/oatmeal cookies. The cookies were NOT a hit - but I "enjoy" them. The muffins were devoured.

Gideon often falls asleep over lunch 

Bella enjoyed tea with Mom and Grandma

Annie is growing so fast 
 Bella wanted to put together is awesome puzzle. I was happy to attempt it with her. Annie was happy to try to add chaos to the endeavor. I LOVE this photo. Bella looks proud and a bit nervous, Annie is heading for the puzzle with all she's worth and Bre is chasing her. ::snort::

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