Tuesday, March 24, 2020

When the Moose Comes to Breakfast

The moose enjoyed church so much she came to breakfast!!!!

She is going to have that calf sometime soon....I keep wondering if we'll have a front row view.

That really IS all I'm going to say about moose today. I got tired of isolation or quarantine titles. ::wink:: 

We've added a blog label - Sequester 2020. Sequester means to isolate or hide away.  I like the sound much better than quarantine. I have just listened to our Governor's press briefing for today.  Alaska is realizing we need to manufacture our own PPE, sanitizer and such. We need to do more to protect our supply lines.  (Skip the next 3 or 4 paragraphs as I process if you are rushed for time).

The clear message tonight is...stay home. Don't come into contact with those who do not live in your immediate home. If you are closer than 6 feet apart at work - stay home. If you go into a store - send 1 family member in - not the whole family. If you carpool - don't.  BUT there are benefits to getting outside - do it!

Because of the Constitution, Governor Dunleavy doesn't want to issue a "lock down" order. He believes Alaskans will shelter in place without a "lock down" order. He quoted, "With great freedom, comes great responsibility." WE have the responsibility to stay home....

Dr. Zinke shared there was an 80% spread rate of the virus in families in China. In other words, if one member gets sick - 80% of the household will likely get sick.  We are doing our best to keep Grandpa safe. He hasn't left the house since Sunday, March 8th.  We did have all the kids over for his birthday on the 15th - just as the first case in Alaska was reported. I've shared the measures we take when kids come home from work...but now I'm wondering...really...do we NEED a piece of paper so employers will let employees stay home without fear? I know all the measures being taken to keep things safe and sanitary...but I also know in a small space, trying to get food out a drive through window....well...I will be checking to see if they ARE staying 6 feet away from everyone. Even though both are over 18, my mama heart needs to know they really CAN stay 6 feet apart back there...because it would be tragic if Grandpa gets this.

And then I go back to Emmanuel. God with us. His presence gives me access to His peace. He's left me with peace. Yes, we want to act wisely in accordance with the scientific facts, but I don't want to walk in fear.

ENOUGH thinking....thank you for allowing me the space to process. Now, on with reporting...this is how spent this sequestered day.

Nolan and Alex worked.

Stacia did school and worked on a new sewing project.

Krista made a video, "The Coop to the Plate," on how to make an omelet for her classroom. She edited it and loaded it to her classes new YouTube channel.  I showed her the software I use to edit and resize YouTube clips....and once again I'm thinking about our neglected YouTube channel.

As Krista tried to hold the camera and crack eggs at the same time - I took over filming.

Dad (Grandpa, G G, G Dog) hung out.

Michael got all the recycling hauled away.  Krista was happy to GET OUT OF THE HOUSE and go with him.

I checked in with a few people, worked out, sent texts and prayed on the phone with a friend.  I also made dinner and hosted (though Krista ended up doing the techie stuff) a Zoom Pajama Party for the women at church.

This was just the right size for me to get comfortable with the format. A bonus was the 3 or 4 educators in the group who were very familiar with Zoom.
Some of my peeps - what a blessing they are!
Photo via Nora's upload - Thanks!
I miss these ladies. We usually have 15 ladies at Bible Study and Zoom can easily handle us. Krista was in a meeting with 75 people last week.  We are going to resume our Beatitude study next Tuesday via zoom.

I also made a new graphic for our upcoming Zoom Coffee Date. I discovered the virtual backgrounds....and then found photos so we are READY for the rest of our meetings....

OH - I also rearranged the basement. I don't do seclusion extremely well. The walls were closing in - so I changed the view inside the walls.  Since we won't be using the kitchen as a kitchen on a consistent basis.... we didn't need to keep the table where it was. The treadmill blocked the game closet and so games were always stacked on the stove...and the girls don't really like staring at the wall while they run...Krista and I moved the tables and got the bike into the general area.

Alex helped move the treadmill. All the gym stuff is in one place and we have free access to the game closet. There is more space if we want to set up a laptop and work out with YouTube clips too. We do need to get something softer for much jumping around on that floor.

We moved the tables to the other side of the room....the table with sewing machines is not always out.

When we are canning or processing salmon, the exercise stuff can be moved and tables set up....and I CAN reach all the cupboards, sink and oven even with the exercise stuff in there.

By the time we go through 2 more weeks of Sequestration I may be knocking walls out for the remodel we keep thinking about. ::snort::

Good grief - it's after midnight....my schedule is going to be totally scrambled by the time life returns to "normal." ::snort::

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