Wednesday, March 25, 2020


Krista took Alex to work at 0600. 

I didn't see or hear either of them, my day began about 0630. I got up, had some devo time, and headed to the Quest Lab in Carrs. I pulled up and saw someone putting plastic gloves on. OOPS....I had no gloves. I walked into the store and people had masks on.  Oops, again. 

I walked directly to the lab  - taking the quickest route which isn't my normal procedure. I didn't touch a THING. I donned a pair of gloves at the desk and used their tablet to check in. Shoot - the order was NOT faxed over in December, or they lost it, in any event - no labs until 0900 when the docs office opens. 

I was home by 0830. Krista was already busy at work from home. 

I woke dad up. I don't usually wake him up - but we had a date with Heather and Nate from K-stan! 

It is always great to spend time with Nate and Heather - even through a screen.  They are living with the same measures as we are...though our pineapples ARE bigger here in Alaska.  Can you imagine paying $4 for that pineapple?

I found a sequestered store of toilet paper (Michael's fishing/camping stash) and mini sanitizers - viva le stocking stuffers!

With such a weighty win under my belt - I headed back to the lab. This time I had gloves. The waiting room was FULL. Ugh.  I had dreamed of a Blizzard on the day of my A1C draw - I had no desire for sugar. I'll hold out for the grand opening of Krispy Kreme in Wasilla.

I compared prices for groceries at both Walmart and Fred Meyers online and it was CHEAPER - by $13 -  to shop at Freddies. That's a new development.  Freddies is much closer. At Freddies I always have digital coupons subtracted and earn fuel points. I put together and order. We can't pick up until 7 - 8 p.m. tomorrow night.

It was time to retrieve Alex from work just as I finished the online order.

Nolan worked an evening shift today.

Michael and Stacia drove to Joanne's. Stacia arranged to purchase a kit of supplies to make masks. We will return completed masks to Joanne's and they will send them to local hospitals. She went into the store and picked them up. I was proud of her carrying this one on her own. She usually gets a case of the stutters on the phone.

While they were out I FINALLY got to a work out. I did a one mile walk/ JOG on the treadmill. This is big for me as my knees usually swell when I jog.  I followed it by 45 min on the elliptical.

Krista, Alex and Stacia had Zoom Youth Group. It sounded like a lot of fun. I know at one point the kids were running through the house looking for scavenger hunt items.

Stacia continued a sewing project which is strategically hidden under flamingo fabric. 

I made contact with several people via text and such. 

This was my hardest day in isolation so far - I think because there were so many trips out of the house....and I was tired...and I love people and today - it just seemed like too many screens and voices from screens all day long. LOL  BUT I loved the voices. 

I started a new hobby - coronaware. What do you think? The necklace if functional and beautiful at the same time. 
I didn't listen to the Governor's briefing tonight.  I'll have time to fit that in tomorrow.

I do know we have 17 more positive test results for Covid19.

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