Thursday, March 26, 2020

When The Moose Goes to Bed

Keep scrolling or reading - there really IS something about moose in this post. ::snort:: 

Stacia came up and asked if we were going for Bible study this a.m. Honestly, we've skipped it for 2 weeks - and we need to get back into our normal routine in these abnormal times. We couldn't go OUT and sit at Sophia's for a we did the next best thing. We drove through Sophia's and took our food to Crevasse Moraine Trail-head. We explored a bit while we drank our coffee and chatted. 

A hill with sledding possibilities

We hopped back into the car to eat breakfast and talk about being blessed when it doesn't feel blessed, and about being "pure in heart"...clean hands, pure hypocrisy... good topics.
Breakfast and Bible on the go
 My favorite
Sophia's breakfast sandwich 

Stacia's favorite

We HAD to go explore the trails a bit more. We went for a 40 minute walk....wandered around trails and it did us a world of good.

We found the big sledding hill 

It never fails - Alaskans have a hard time keeping track of gloves and every trail-head...on every trail...

Signs of Spring - break up as we call it here. 


The walls were closing in yesterday and I was grumpy about voices and screens everywhere - all day. Yes, it's contact...but it's NOT 3 dimensional. Getting outside was a huge help. I need to do this every day. 

Maintaining routine was key....going on with what we can - Bible study, working out...

Stacia and I had a great discussion as we walked. It was good. 


I've been noting the moose tracks in our yard....I have mentioned numerous times how the moose are rambling all over our yard...but I never realized...all tracks led to our DECK.....Michael was cleaning off the deck today in preparation of Krista filming this week's Sunday message....when he figured it out. 

The tracks all converge under the deck. There are piles of these nuggets under the deck. This is outside the girls' we may yet have a front row seat to mama moose giving birth. 

Krista filmed her sermon or "sermonette." Our pastors are going with the "main message" in 10 - 15 minutes video clips posted online...and then we're spending time processing the message...rather than trying to recreate a full service. Krista was scheduled to preach this week and Michael is scheduled for next week. Learning new skills...being's all good. 

At dinner I realized I was totally out of RANCH - McDonald's packets to the rescue.
Condiments from Crew meals add up
 Everyone wanted out of the house when I went to pick up the grocery order. No one got out of the car - but we enjoyed being out....especially Dad who hasn't been out since March 8th.

Michael and Stacia are working on an elaborate surprise for us....

While they were working, I got a call from Ms. Bonnie. We talked for about an hour and a trying to talk her through installing zoom on her computer. Honestly, I'm not the best tech support...but I was willing. Krista was listening and finally said, "Let's just go over and set it up on her phone for her." We didn't want to take the chance of taking any germs into her we told her to just put the phone down, we'd pick it up with gloves, fix it, disinfect it, and give it back.  Bonnie came out - but a strict distance was maintained.

We got her set up for tomorrow's Coffee Chat with the women.

It was good to see Ms. Bonnie. We all miss her and her hugs. It was good to be able to help someone.

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