Friday, March 27, 2020

Zooming the Day Away

Nolan and Alex went to work.

Krista started work at the table.

Stacia started on school.

I worked out and then got on Zoom....This time for a "Coffee Date" with gals from church. I have googled how to take a screen shot, but I can't find the photos....I must find that...

Cory was home from work, we have been missing Benny time...and so they zoomed in today. It was great fun! Benny is getting the hang of zoom.
Arielle, Benny, G Dog, Me

CoRielle - Michael, Me, Krista, Stacia in the back 

I have been aching to plant seedlings....but haven't been able to justify a trip out for seeds and soil. I had hoped we'd be out and about by the end of this any event...I planted some herbs today. It's something. 

Stacia completed the first mask...sewn as requested with materials provided from Joanne's. 

I started...and then needed to rip all the tiny stitches out and try again. LOL 

Another day ends. 

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