Saturday, March 28, 2020

Sequestered Saturday

 Without a doubt, the hardest thing, hands-down, about this quarantine stuff is not spending time with the grand-blessings....but here are some shots of them sequestering like pros!

Benny illustrates Alaskans getting out - with those who reside with them. 
Via CoRielle's camera 

Bella and Gideon show us how to tackle projects at home. 
Via Bre's camera

I HAVE driven by their homes while out and waved. LOL 

Krista and I were out of the house at 6 a.m. Our mission was to make it to Lowes and buy seed and soil before the travel restriction went into effect. 

The only person we came into "contact" with would be the cashier and even then there was a plastic shield up. They told us they will continue to be open as they are an essential business.
 I keep wondering how this will work...because the travel ban clearly states that "I" am not to travel unless I am getting groceries or going to the doctor or dealing with child if it is essential for you to be open, but not for me to travel....not sure there will be the business for drive throughs and such to remain open.

I had put in a big clickit order - but there were some essentials we needed which were out of stock at Freddies. Since we were out - and it was VERY early - we stopped by Walmart. Check out this shelf. Alaskans are inside working puzzles. LOL

On our way home we dropped a few gooodies on a couple of doorsteps. They KNOW to sanitize or leave in the garage for a bit of time.

Back at home we worked on projects. Stacia and I sewed masks.

Dad keeps us up to date with news from ADN...we don't get a Saturday paper - so he re-read the Friday paper. 

Michael! Yep - Patrick is in the room. 
 Michael has expressed an interest in re-activating our YouTube channel. We're brainstorming. It always sounds fun - but seriously - there are only so many hours in a day.

I made sugar free - cinnamon "sugar" pecans

 I also made some chick peas in the air fryer and Alex helped me bottle this batch of kombucha. 

Alex worked and he, Nolan and Stacia went outside for a bit....did some banking and grabbed  lunch at a drive through...

Pandemic Facts...there are  200 ventilators in the state of Alaska and only 160 ICU beds.  THIS is why we should stay home. IF all 160 beds are being used for Covid19 patients there can be no heart attacks or emergencies in the state.... Our state officials and health care workers are doing all they can to beef up their capacity - we can help by trying to slow the spread of the virus.

There are 100 confirmed cases of Covid19 in Alaska.

Saturday shows there are over 2000 covid deaths in America.  That count has doubled in 2 days.

We left groceries and all purchased at Lowes in the car all day....we ARE being cautious. 

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