Thursday, April 23, 2020

Bible Study Adventure

One unexpected benefit of the quarantine has been the need to find new spots for our Mother Daughter Bible Study. We miss Sophia's....but we have loved our new routine, too. We drive through and get our "regular" order....and find a scenic spot to enjoy breakfast and discuss this week's Bible passages. 

Today, we set out to find the "Swimming Hole." We weren't sure of the real name of the spot...but we remembered where it was. We THOUGHT we MAY have found the spot...but there was much less water than we remember....

 Kareen, a local friend, confirms THIS IS the swimming hole and it will be much fuller in a month.  After  our breakfast discussion...we decided to keep driving up this road. It is a road we've never driven up before.

We went to the Pioneer Ridge Trail.....and decided it would be best to come back with real shoes and possible hiking sticks.

We continued to drive, in awe of the views we discovered. We noted this was the Alaska of reality shows...buses, broken down RV's, and tar paper shacks....all with chimneys, sweeping valleys, rivers and snow covered mountains. 

We drove to the end of the road and found a resort - empty at this time. We noted a nice parking spot and hoped it would be a spot we could park and picnic with G Dog (Dad).  It really isn't a great spot for him to sit and enjoy the view....we climbed down below the signs which said, "Private property stay below high water mark."

I stood in one spot and took the picture above and turned the other way and got the picture below. It was serene, beautiful, refreshing.

Interesting ice shards...

Gherkins have been making little rock towers/cairns for decades...long before it became a "thing," and certainly before it  became "bad"....we did not destroy any environmental elements. 

This cool print was filled with ice crystals....

We picked up quite a few flat rocks to paint. We found these rocks interesting.  


Stacia scooped a handful of snow and discovered she was holding a handful of ice crystals. 

Further inspection proved this area of the beach to be ice crystals rather than snow.

 It was a yummy breakfast, a beautiful drive, a new adventure and a great discussion on the weight of our words. Words matter.

I look forward to more Bible Study adventures with Stacia.

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