Monday, April 20, 2020

Unremarkable Monday

I'd love to say we woke today full of vim and vigor - whatever that may be.

However, everyone seemed to be dragging.

Nolan got off to work.

Alex and Stacia got up and hit the school books. I have 90% of the school work I need for Stacia.

Krista was later than usual - turns out she isn't feeling well and spent much of the afternoon in bed.

I sat a goal of walking 20 miles this week.  Considering the blisters on the bottom of my feet, the goal may not be realistic this week. I knew I could say 15 and I'd hit I'm stretching.  I thought I'd do a 2 mile walk to get the week's goal started...and then I'd do 45 in on the elliptical. I felt good and kept walking when I hit the 1 mile mark and had planned to turn around.

Irony Illustrated
The only thing better would have been a caution sign

Look how much snow has disappeared in the last few days. I like to walk alone. I pray, think, observe....and I polo. Yep, it's a great time for me to catch up on polos....I polo my sister friends (Beth and Julie) and my cousin, Lorri. I had a polo from Arielle to answer so got that done too....other than that -  I simply enjoy the moments.   I was feeling good....rounded the corner and knew I had about 3/4 of a mile left....and then I's uphill.
Up the hill - turn right - you're can do it. 

Made it! 
I WAS walking and NOT snowboarding. 

Five miles and my pace improved from Saturday, which had improved from my solitary walks last week. 

My feet really didn't hurt - just a tad bit uncomfortable - while I walked. I had on big wool/fleece socks....when I took my shoes off....YOWZER.  I'm not sure if I'll be able to walk tomorrow.... I stayed off the elliptical. I'm trying to give them time to heal.

Michael worked on repairs today...fixed a fan that wasn't lined up to blow anything OUT... this should greatly help in the downstairs bathroom.

I ordered a new step tracker and it came today.  I got tired of Fit Bits that last 6 months.  Seriously. I've had 3 now. The latest quit synching, then the sleep monitoring quit, the heart rate quit, and finally it simply froze. Nothing would get it going again. I'd had it less than 6 months. I figured I may as well get a cheap off brand from Amazon. AT 1/6th the cost if it only lasts months it won't bug me...AND it is supposed to do the same or more....I found this little note in the box and knew right away this was not an American company....far more polite than I expected. "Hello dear,"...

Stacia, Dad and I watched  Holderness Family clips this evening. Michael is doctoring Big Red. Krista and the boys disappeared....I expect to bed.

Today we heard the price of a barrel of oil has dropped  below $0. It's like -$37 a barrel. Wow. Praying for all those we know who work in the oil fields of TX or on the North slope of AK.  Much of our state's budget depends on the price of oil....and I think it was figured on $60 a barrel or maybe $20.....certainly not on -$37.  Another historical moment...the day toilet paper cost more than a barrel of oil.

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