Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Lazy Day

Today's walk ended up here....

I debated all morning...should I walk? My feet hurt...maybe I should do the elliptical and give my feet a rest...but it's such a beautiful day...but I've had 40 oz of water and 16 oz of tea this a.m. so I will have to plan my walk with a pit stop at 2.5 miles....what to do....finally....Stacia said she'd walk with me...the lure of the mountains and the gorgeous weather won out...

We were thrilled to see the buds opening on one tree.....

Sure enough - out and back...no wait...just out....we walked 2 miles....and received a call from Arielle as we walked. Why was NO ONE at home? Huh? It turns out the boys were working, Krista was out and we were walking. Gpa and Michael were napping....evidently. Because she rang the bell, Phoenix chased Kimber around and around the chicken yard and no one came to check on them.....

As we talked, I noted a car that was driving right towards us, not even staying in her own lane....and then we realized it Arielle, Kimber and Benny.  We decided to drive on up to the lake we had hoped to walk too someday.

Gorgeous! Swans! I have been missing Swan Park in Misawa. 

Walking/driving partners
Arielle (Sweet Pea) and Benny, Me, Stacia

Kimber wanted to visit the swans...she pointed on the bank, they didn't come. She jumped in to try to glide on the water like they did...but she wasn't impressed with the cold water.

Back at the house Benny and clan stayed to play for a bit. 

Kimber so wanted in on the fun. 

"Papa, I help!" 

Coming to an understanding with the girls...

Help he did. 

Stacia made a yummy dinner of white chicken enchiladas.....and I hosted a Bible Study Zoom.

We disinfected Baachan's Park and Recreation Zone....ready for the next young visitors.

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