Wednesday, April 29, 2020


 I was out walking and a funny thing happened - I just wanted a new I turned right...I hadn't decided if I would simply walk until I had gone 2 1/2 miles and turn home...or if I'd try to make the big circle home and hope it would be close to 5 miles. I walked until I hit the river.....

I decided to walk along the river until I got to the road that leads home....and realized how long of a climb was in front of me...It was either forge ahead or turn around and go 3 1/2 miles back....7 miles was more than I wanted to walk.

THIS is the moment I wanted to simply sit down and stop. I had climbed up an incline and down to the valley and ahead was nothing but 3/4 a mile of steady incline...

I decided I needed to just keep moving my legs...nothing fancy...just keep moving the legs...and then TWO MOOSE JUMPED DIRECTLY IN THE ROAD IN FRONT OF ME.  I paused and contemplated my options. I could walk ahead and hope to pass them without trouble...I was 3/4 of a mile from home...I could turn down a little road and go about 3 miles and come at home from the other direction. A family in a truck stopped to ask if I needed help getting past them. For some odd reason I told them I was FINE and sounded oh so confident. With nothing left to do, I kept moving my legs and the moose decided I wasn't worth their attention.

I enlisted Stacia and Dad to help replant a couple of blueberry plants and to start more seedlings.  Michael put the finishing touches on a bookshelf he has been building for Jamin - or I think it's the finishing touches.
Dad is happy for the season change

We were just finishing up when two carloads of fun pulled into the driveway.  CoRielle surprised us.
Benny and Yay ya (Stacia)

Benny & Cory 

What a treasure it is for these kids to get to know their great grandpa. 

Cory brought over some great kindling for our campfires. ::wink::
Michael and Cory 
GG and Cory 

 Tis the season...we've decided we DO have a long fall up's just divided by summer. ::snort::  The weather is crisp and cool...and we're already sunburned after the long, dark winter. Sixteen hours of sun is to be celebrated and we spend as much time as possible outside. I was told we are gaining 6 minutes of sun a day.

Anyway - it's spring...even if it feels like fall - and it's asparagus season!

As well as mosquito season - time to get the magnet working for us. 

*Note - if I'm going to keep taking selfies while walking I may want to do something about the bed hair and put on some make up. LOL 

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