Thursday, April 16, 2020

Move it, Move it....

We like to move it, move it...and we did it all day...maintaining proper social distancing all the while. 

Thursday mornings we rush to get out of the house for breakfast and Bible study. These days that means a drive through and a park, river etc. Study in the car. 

Autumn gave Stacia a fancy drink.

We were surprised how MANY were out today....our first rainy day. 

Back and home Michael and I made a polo for the grandblessings. We let them in on the family secret....I am super woman....

Krista was heading in to grab some gift cards from a local coffee hut....I went along. We ran into Kayle!  Good times!

Michael is working on making book shelf this week. I decided it was time to shovel the snow out of the chicken yard. It needs to melt so grass can grow out there....we've been letting the chickens free range...but they are making giant holes in any patch of  bare ground. They need their own yard to cultivate....until I need the garden tilled.

In the midst of my "spring workout"  (WW actually has snow shoveling listed as an activity with fit points)...Jessie showed up with SUGAR. Eggs for works. Our kombucha will live...and she and her crew were ready to get out of the house. We made the exchange at the front porch - all the maintaing proper social etiquette for these days.

Stacia had run the eggs up - so I shamelessly enlisted her help to finish the chicken yard. 

Still not totally bare - BUT the sun should be able to melt this quicker....
We turned our eye towards the rest of the yard....this lonely chair is frozen in place....for a bit longer.

Everyone has been posting spring garden shots - yeah. This is it. 

Here's my clothes line....

Dinner was left overs. The news arrived my dear sister-friend, Beth, has tested positive for two strains of covid. She has been uber careful, more so than anyone I know. She has gone out once in the past 6 weeks....for an infusion.  She has her groceries delivered, washes produce with bleach water, husband and son are working from home....this was an unexpected surprise....even though I knew she was being tested. Please pray for her body to fight this virus well.

We ended the night around a fire...and that deserves it's own post.

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