Thursday, April 16, 2020

First Backyard Fire of the Year

We have a rock-bordered fire ring down by our garden. We love it, but it is still under a LOT of snow. Michael purchased a portable fire ring when we lived in the is set up off the deck - up a slope....we've shoveled around it.....and tonight....we lit the fire.  The first fire/s'more of the season! 

But first....the re-stocking of the s'more kit...crackers, Hersheys, Kit Kat, Reeses, York, white chocolate bars, sugar free Lakanto chocolate bar, marshmallows, wipes, matches....we're set for the season.  Well - not really. I would love to find sugar-free marshmallows, but that is something I've not seen yet.

Alex dug around for the roasting sticks. Yes, THIS is planned. I thought the sticks were stored  in the greenhouse. The walls and roof of the greenhouse blew away. He dug around in the foundation to find them....but I wasn't ready with the camera. LOL 

Alex purchased a drone and is learning how to fly it and how to sync it to his phone/camera. Everything is moving towards new content for that defunct YouTube channel.  All it lacks is a spark of motivation..... 

Nolan works in the morning - and is still strictly maintaining his distance, I think news of Beth's infection after being so careful motivates us to keep the rules. The  rest of us gathered around the fire....This was Dad's first snowy campfire with us.  He enjoyed the summer and fall fires.
Grandpa, Michael, Stacia, Alex, Krista 

Dad and I
 THIS  is the FIRST time anyone started a snowball fight around the campfire. It is NOT our first snowy campfire...but G Dog  adds a touch of fun to the simplest day.  If you look closely...Alex has the remnants of a snowball on his ear and one is heading straight for Grandpa....he wants all to know he was NOT being a mean bully....G Dog started this and had thrown several before I told him he could throw back. LOL

As we sat and visited I remembered....camping with the Beth (she of Covid fame) and family decades ago...the fires, the flaming marshmallows, the ER runs and the Patrick McManus.  Visiting the Bowers and enjoying fires in their back yard. Inviting friends for spring/summer dinner in Montana, Texas, California....ending up in the backyard for a dessert of s'mores and visiting, while children many nights around the campfire, vlogging, blogging, reading, connecting while we lived for 2 years in an RV.  Friends and family visiting us in the RV and joining in around the campfire... getting to know Cory around a campfire at a Campground in OR... campfires with CoRielle, BreZaak and kids while they lived here....

Yes, when isolation is over...we're having friends over to sit around the campfire and play frisbee golf...and we can do that at midnight around here!!!!  The kit is ready.

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