Tuesday, May 05, 2020

A Bear? Yep. A Bear.

I didn't think we'd top the excitement of a moose looking in the window, but this morning Stacia was sitting in the chicken yard when she noted a Big black dog hugging a tree and waving it's arm around. 

Hmm....that didn't seem quite right. As she watched it rubbed up and down on the tree and then dropped to four legs and lumbered off. It was a black bear....pointed snout, no hump. 

This made me leery to go on my typical solo walk. I walk near and through woods....I've had the moose jump into the road several times and didn't want to consider a bear jumping into the road when I was alone....we grabbed the bear spray, phone, and pepper spray and headed out.

Michael asked if I took Stacia because I thought I could run faster than her...

NO...not at all.  I told him there was a chance she'd be paralyzed by fear and I could run away.


I thought it would be nice to have two because we'd talk and make noise which would alert any bears to the fact we were just humans and not a threat.

We ran across this plywood "cabin" today....it appears to have been an original home. I have wondered if the pit in our backyard with old wood in it is an original home....

After the walk I headed into Anchorage with Michael. I belong to a gardening group on Facebook. I rarely go on there as it overwhelms me...but I had a few spare moments at home last week - you know how it is during this time...and I happened to that group. A gentlemen was offering used garage door panels - free. He said they make great garden beds.  We are still in the process of turning the horse pasture into a civilized garden...we went in to pick up the panels.  They will be twice the depth of our existing beds.  They will bring our count from 3 - 7. I thought it would fill the space but - NO WAY.  We may never get this plot filled...maybe I'll just move the fence line. LOL

Our next stop was Best Buy. They have a system down there. It was amazing and really very quick. He waited his turn and then told the employees the item he wanted. They went and got it and brought it outside. Everyone was masked, gloved, spaced.....
We went across the parking lot to Lowes to get a few things Michael needed and it was the opposite story....odd.

We raced home in time for a church staff zoom. I appreciated it was Stacia's night to make dinner. We barely finished dinner and it was time for Bible Study Zoom....

Somehwere in there Michael and I had Stacia show us where she'd seen the bear. We found bear scat...and where there's bear poo, there must have been a bear....so...not sure what I think about this at all. I hope I do NOT have the opportunity to take bear photos from my yard.

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