Thursday, May 14, 2020

Fishing, Catching Bad Guys & Gardening

 I am trying to "catch up" the blog...posting from the vantage point of August 2022. While the stories may have no interest for readers, the photos lost during this season of not blogging are precious to expect lots of photos from the end of 2020. 

Stacia and I are always happy to play with the grandblessings. Today, we headed over to CoRielle's. Benny showed us this dock on a lake...and we pretended to be fishing. 

Benny - 2 1/2 years 

We walked down to the neighborhood park and rolled down the hill a couple of times. 

Played games...

Played in sand (back at the park). 
Stacia - 14 3/4...Benny 2 1/2

Benny's favorite - chasing bad guys on the way back home. 

Back at home Alex was making garden beds. Grandpa enjoys being in the middle of the activity. 

We've already planted these little beds, though we've been told not to plant this early. 

I found free garage doors being given away. Michael and Alex figured out how to add end pieces and make great garden beds. The one in the back was the prototype. 

Dad does not enjoy doctor visits via zoom. It's the way of 2020. I find it hard to believe he is getting a good sleep evaluation over the computer as well. 

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