Sunday, May 10, 2020

Mother's Day 2020

 This was our first FAMILY gathering since Dad's birthday celebration in March - before the Covid lockdown.  It was so nice to have everyone together again.  Krista made me a fun chicken face covering....

Dad found some steak on sale. He began talking about buying steak and having everyone over last week. This morphed into him buying the steak for Mother's Day. The steak was 50% off.  We invited everyone over and set up in the backyard - keeping with the outdoor mandates on gatherings. 

There was plenty of food - and it was all good. 

It was pure joy to simply spend time with each other after the long spring spent apart. 
Jamin, Krista, Stacia, Cy and Nolan 

Jamin, Krista, Stacia, Bre & Annie

Dad got Cory and Cy to help him bring out the orchids he'd purchased for each of us girls - to include Krista and Stacia. 

Izaak, Gideon, Michael and Arielle

Yes, we ate...we also played yard games and helped get the last of the big, dead tree moved from where it had fallen. 

Nolan and Benny

A fun highlight of this day is the baby bumps Bre and Arielle are starting to sport. They are due within a week of each other in November. Alex, Jamin, Arielle and I played a rousing game of croquet - making up rules as we went. 

All this excitement for coming in next to last. 

Even the moose came to celebrate. 

It was a great day, made even more meaningful because of the time we've been apart. 

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