Sunday, June 28, 2020

Cloistered Sunday

We spent another cloistered day at home.  Someone we have been close to is waiting on Covid-19 test results. OUT OF AN ABUNDANCE OF CAUTION the boys employers told them to stay home and wait for results, and we chose to do the same.

We played Puppy Roulette. This is where you sit around the table and wait to see which person will jump first and highest as puppy nips feet and ankles. Yes, we ARE working to stop such behavior - but she IS teething. She's still the cutest thing in the house. LOL She has a kong, a rope chew toy, and a peanut butter jar - lined with a bit of peanut butter....but skin is best?

Phoenix is also pretty - though he's got a nasty attitude and simply blusters, spurs and chases Stacia, Gpa and I. We take Michael or Alex if we go inside the yard - and that makes me sad. I go alone (with a big walking stick) but I really don't want to have to fight him off. I suspect it will just give him more of an attitude. 

The little ledges Michael added to the nesting boxes are serving their purpose. This batch of hens is simply not laying as well as the first batch. We only got 3 eggs yesterday! 3. They are not earing their keep at all. 

The Buttercrunch Lettuce is shaping up nicely after a day of rain.

It's been awhile since we simply sat and played a board game. Flashpoint is a bit safer, though less exhilarating that Puppy Roulette. 

If results come back as hoped for, the boys will go back to work tomorrow and the rest of us will head out in the RV for the week. We shall see.

*Note more blog posts now that the garden beds and greenhouse are done...and the garden is planted. We'll have a bit of a breather this week and then begin the push to can last year's salmon and fish for this year's salmon. We also have a couple of house projects to finish before winter. Summers are busy; Winters are lazy. Sort of. 

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