Monday, June 29, 2020

Monday, Monday....

I walked 5 miles today and was THRILLED to be out walking again. I'd hurt my toe last week and hadn't been able to get much walking done for the last few days.

It's a race to see which arrives home first - me or the rain. I beat the rain today. I love walking by this farm and seeing what's growing.

The test result we were waiting for was inconclusive. Out of an abundance of caution, we have chosen to return to quarantine - or at least really shrink the bubble.  To be honest, we were heading to Valdez today. As soon as the test result came back negative we began to  "move out."  I believe it was the Holy Spirit who whispered something we'd not considered to Michael's heart...."Do you WANT to be camping if Dad T gets ill?" No, we don't. We have a lifetime to explore Alaska. It's ironic we've had a camping trip on the calendar every THREE WEEKS all summer and we  have YET to go out ONCE.

"Stay at home" in our household means those working at essential jobs will continue to work.  The rest of us will  go back to curbside shopping, avoid gatherings and people who do not live in our home, and if we do happen out will wear a mask. We'll do projects around home, go for drives, walks and hikes. We may even go camping overnight somewhere local (we're fully self-contained).  This will protect anyone we may come in contact with - and that's our goal. Our prayer is Dad does not get sick. We'd love you to join us in that prayer.

Sadly, Lori's (the black cochin broody hen) nest today showed a cracked egg and an under-developed chick. She's still setting.

The boys were home waiting for test results and they MOWED THE LAWN...this is a BIG deal around here. It takes all of us working for several hours. We made huge progress.  Nolan and I even consolidated brush piles. I think cutting a tree down is the easy part - at least it's just the start of dealing with it. LOL

And just like that I have a green layer in the lasagna bed to cover the brown layer we added this weekend.

Michael and Dad went after the blooms and seed pods of Devil's Club. 

I called the RV park we had reservations for in Valdez and moved the reservations to August. They were MORE THAN HAPPY to do this for us.

I attended a  wellness coaching session. This is what I'm doing in lieu of WW meetings and membership. I am tracking with the app I already mentioned, and attending these coaching sessions with a You Tube gal who inspires me. She's lost 194ish pounds...and she's real about her successes and struggles.  It's working. It has been good for me to have both calories and bites as the data helps me see why I was stalled. LOL

Stacia made a yummy dinner - Chicken Parmesan, Garlic Green Beans, Salad, Perogies and a sugar free pudding dessert. Yes, sugar free.

I picked some food from the garden - mostly thinning rows out -  but it makes good eating. 
Buttercrunch lettuce, Red Leaf lettuce, Radishes, Onions and Spinach 
We continue to try to avoid our teething puppy's sharp teeth. Tricks and tips are welcome. We've given her a peanut butter jar with peanut butter, a kong, a rope, a pvc pipe and a pair of jeans which no longer fit me. She chews them all and comes back for US.

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