Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Millie Adjusts to Home

Stacia reported Millie slept through the night. In fact, Millie refused to come OUT of the kennel. Yep, she's a bit freaked out by the house. Once outside she ran, jumped, and was fearless. She loves being outside. 

It's been another big day for Millie. She did great with her collar, the halter, and is starting to learn her name, and the instruction to "come." She continued to try to make friends with the chickens.  She met Grandpa. 

She grabbed Grandpa's newspaper and an idea was born....Can we train her to go bring the paper to the porch? Can you imagine how useful this would be in the winter???? 

The "experts" tell us an 8 week old Labradoodle needs 10 minutes of energetic play twice a day. She had about an hour of play every couple of hours. I think we've got this. 

If Stacia lies down, Millie comes in close for a snuggle! 

Stalking her Ducks (UofO) chew toy

As we've entered the warmer weather I've noted a trend. The blog slows down. This is because gardening is intense in our short growing season. We've been working, working, working and we're starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I think. 

There's a lot of work involved in turning a horse pasture into a garden....we dream of the year we can simply take the starts out to the beds and PLANT THEM. This is not that year. I'll get a gardening post together...but today in the garden....I thinned radishes and kale and brought the pulled ones inside to eat. I also got two more loads of dandelions drying....and something made my lips and tongue sting....

This white table used to hold starts which would be  moved in each night and out in the morning. Now it's my gardening table.....

The girls rush and crowd to observe what I'm doing. 

It would take more energy than I have to give the complete story....but we leveled and placed a new bed today. We then moved the lasagna bed from last summer into this bed and filled the top with some dirt. I'll plant the last few things that need a home in it tomorrow - or Friday if tomorrow gets away from me. Michael and Alex are the muscle behind this madness. We have another bed like this one that will go in the corner they are emptying. It will be the lasagna bed I begin now....and if we get more built, we'll do the same with them....

We lost track of time in the garden and had to rush out for an appointment rather abruptly. I DID have the ribs in the oven - Stacia finished it up.  Dad was waiting up for us when we got home. He told us "The little girl's puppy is the cutest thing!" Millie is winning hearts. I am SO SHOCKED there is NO DOG HAIR on me when I cuddle her....or wash her towels etc. This low shed/no shed thing is amazing! We hope she keeps her blue eyes, though we know they often change colors. 

Another thing taking time from blogging is my daily walk. Today I walked 6 1/2 miles....I.LOVE.IT.  Honestly, it feels wonderful to be able to be outside and I've finally acclimated to Alaska enough to have determined to spend every moment I can outside. I may have to set up the laptop outside if I hope to update. 

It's been a full day and I'm the last one up. I'll be the first one up in the a.m. so I'd better bring this to an end. 

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