Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Stacia Brings Millie Home

I interrupt this summer blogging lapse to bring you this important introduction.....

Today - Millie  Rose Gherkin joined our family. She's gorgeous and sweet as sugar. This is STACIA'S puppy. She began saving money and researching dog breeds many months ago. She has always saved her allowance and all of it, all her nanny money, all her Alaskan Happy Hat money went to find and bring home this sweet gal. And....here we are....with a darling Labradoodle in the house. In awe of Stacia's determination to chase a dream and work hard for it. We've NEVER bought a puppy - never.

We had thought to wait a year from Yuuki's departure before getting another dog. When Stacia began talking about a dog to run and walk with, a dog big enough to make her feel safe, sharing custody of Cody with the boys,  a PUPPY to train....we began to think, if she  saved the MONEY, it would be nice to begin training before winter.

Stacia had settled on a Newfypoo - we found a breeder in Alaska. They are EXPENSIVE...and BIG....She was over half way to the price....the breeder has another litter coming in the fall.  Jamin mentioned a Newfy - big dogs in general - don't love running.

We heard, from Izaak, of a new litter of Labradoodles. They hadn't been listed yet. This was a breed Stacia was also considering.  Labradoodles love to run. Two long walks or run a day are recommended for Labradoodles. That will fit our lifestyle perfectly.  They aren't as big a dog as Stacia wanted, but Michael and I are happier with a smaller dog. They are LOW SHED.  Stacia was camping when I contacted Justin and Kayla. They let me know the day she returned  they were about to list the pups.

Stacia had spent a lot of time talking, praying, and thinking about it while camping and decided she wanted to go meet the puppies. She heard a  Labradoodle may be just what she was looking for.

On June 11th, Krista, Stacia, and took a road trip to Glenallen - 2 1/2 hours away. 
Matsu Glacier Selfie

First, we met Mom and Dad.  Don't they seem to be checking out Stacia? Mom is a labradoodle (they can't be papered). Her mother was a papered Black Lab and her father was a papered Standard Poodle.

 Dad is a papered standard poodle.

There were seven puppies. One had been spoken for. This one stole my heart - but I KNEW my name would be MUD with a CAPITAL M if we brought home two puppies.

Stacia wanted a blonde or chestnut puppy. She also wanted female.  Millie was not the biggest pup, but she was the biggest of the red/blonde females. We did a few puppy tests we'd read about and she passed them with flying colors.
Millie is on the left

Such a sweet puppy gaze. Kayla confessed, after Stacia selected this pup, she was her favorite pup from the litter. She would have kept it if she were keeping another one. 

I tossed my keys to see if she'd startle - she was very curious. 

Stacia put down $500 and then we had a 12 day wait.....

We got word last night they would be bringing puppy to town tonight. Stacia thought she was settled on a name - but it conflicted with a possible grandchild name.  Today, Nolan suggested  Millie and that's IT. Millie (gentle strength) she is. She has  a name. Michael used his new power washer to spruce up the kennel. Stacia and I went shopping for a bed, food, a clicker, pee pads, poop bags, collar and a leash. Arielle gave us Kimber's old harness.

Finally it was 8:30 p.m. and they were pulling into the Fred Myer Parking lot.  Poor Millie had been thrown up and pooped on during the drive. She was a mess!!! She was very subdued.

About to meet the crew - minus Grandpa who is in bed. 

These brothers superstitiously snuck money into the Puppy fund. Stacia was able to buy puppy and have $100 to spend on things today. All for $1000 less than the Newfypoo would have been. 

We realized Millie has been growing up outside - in a fenced yard with a dog house, mom and 6 litter mates. The inside makes her nervous. She came alive once we took her outside.

 Phoenix crowed at her and she ran over to check him out. She's not the least intimidated. He turned and left. She'll find she's not as tough as she thinks if she continues to pursue him. 

Millie HAD to have a bath. Her hair was matted. She smelled. She'd had a rough day. First time away from mom, first vet visit, first shots, first worming, first long car trip and now a first bath. Michael jumped in to help me bathe her and we were both AMAZED our hands were not covered in Beagle hair...no hair in the drain. I do believe we like low shed.  She was shivering and shaking and Stacia was quick to be her comfort.

Resting in Michael's arms

Dry and ready to try sleep????

Poor thing is probably going to be lonely tonight. 

We're all ready for sleepless nights, playing fetch, puppy licks and nips....we have so much love to shower on this gal.  Of course, STACIA will be the one up at night with her....and it's probably good Krista is in AL for another 3 weeks....Stacia and Millie can work out the nighttime routine before she returns.

Today, we brought Millie home!

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