Thursday, July 09, 2020

BreZaak's Big News

BreZaak and CoRielle are both expecting new little ones the same week in November.  It is hilarious to me that they keep having their OB appointments on the same day, right after each other.

Monday was an exciting day in Alaska....

Via Bre's camera

Izaak dropped off some very special Oreos for each of us. The attached note read, "Pink or blue? We'll soon know, but here's what we know for sure: you will be adored."
Via Bre's camera

We eagerly sampled our cookies. 
Oreos - a part of every Gherkin celebration 

 It's green - that can only mean BOY! We are so excited.

Baby D4 is a BOY!  Gideon is thrilled with the promise of  "2 boys!
Via Bre's camera

Annie has no idea what excitement awaits! 
Via Bre's camera

Bella is becoming an old pro at welcoming new siblings. What fun! 
Via Bre's camera

For those who aren't 100% able to sort out the family....Bre is our eldest. She and her husband, Izaak, are about to welcome their 4th child. This will make 2 grils and 2 boys. Perfect.

Yes, this does mean we are expecting two new grandsons in November! Woot!

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