Monday, August 17, 2020

Stacia and Millie Meet Zak George

 You know how sometimes you find the perfect gift and you knock "it" out of the park? Jamin did that for Stacia's 15th birthday.  Stacia purchased Millie a couple of months prior to her birthday... She had been watching all kinds of videos on puppy training by Zak George.  

At the party Jamin asked her if she'd like to have a one on one session with ZAK GEORGE?


Jamin is a real estate agent. Jamin meets people. One of his people was Zak George and he and his wife were willing to meet with Stacia and Millie. 

This was a great afternoon for Stacia. Zak said that she is doing a great job with Millie. It would seem that Labradoodles are "extra" and he is now the second trainer to say she is doing a good job. He had a few pointers to help with her stubborn streak and her tendency to eat the inedible.  

Thanks to Jamin for the pictures and for making the arrangements for this special afternoon. 

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