Saturday, October 31, 2020

Hair, Costumes, and Winter

 Every morning Dad wakes up and asks, "Has the young man come yet?" 

YOU may wonder WHAT young man - but I know. Some days he asks for Aaron, some days it's the contractor, or the carpenter, but always Dad wonders if the ramp is done when he gets up. 

I've been listening and the two things he keeps mentioning is needing to get a haircut and needing to go to church.  He'd been on the list at the facility twice to get his hair cut, but it had never happened. It dawned on me this morning. *I* can CUT his hair and he'd not want to go out to church until it was normal looking again. ::snort:: Two birds with one stone. 

Dad was bored and tired enough of the "shaggy" look, that he AGREED.....I think I did a pretty good job. 

Michael suggested I pick Alex up at work. This got me "out of the house." I made an event of the opportunity. I stopped for some tea and brought a book along.  This photo is to show how quickly one acclimates. It's 5* and I don't have a hat, coat, or gloves on. It also shows the frost guard on the van - which I love....AND I have finally is winter! The temps contributed to my acceptance, but the big factor is the fact that the potholes on our road are now smooth and even. They filled with melted snow, froze, and are now iced over  - it's officially winter. 

I had forgotten it was October 31st and Alex wore a costume to work at the request of his boss. 

Stacia was sad her hair looked normal and didn't look "big" enough. Ah, no worries. I reminded her the 80's are MINE and I KNEW how to get big hair...a can of spray and a bit of teasing and she was good to go with the "just out of bed" look she desired. 

Millie doesn't seem thrilled with the matching costumes. The gals in llama pajamas! 

Stacia and Krista had a youth event. Nolan had work. It was a quiet night at home. We set and visited - and waited on the three groups of kids which showed up at our home. We have way too much candy left again...the year I DON'T buy candy we'll have lots of kids....

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