Sunday, November 01, 2020

There's a Monkey in Your House!


"There's a monkey in your house!" 

The door is always open (or nearly always open) which makes for some fun and unexpected announcements. "Baachan, I'm Heeeeeeeere!"

"Howdy, howdy." 

I must say, "There's a monkey in your house," is one of the most unexpected announcements we've received. To be fair, it's not the FIRST time I've had a monkey in the house. I did grow up in Liberia and the Philippines, BUT it is unexpected in Alaska. 

Sunday afternoons are usually lazy....various family members drop by....Josiah, Carrie and Livie...Arielle and Benny fill Cory's work hours with us from time to Jamin stopped by too. Millie goes  berzerk when Benny and Arielle stop by. She's pretty good with everyone else...but she is beside herself with excitement when she sees them. 

Michael calms Millie

A theme this week has been "friendship." Dear friends are walking through hard paths and are nearly continuously in our prayers and thoughts, friends have stopped by to offer help, texted, marco polo'd...and we got TWO boxes of pecans from Florida! Thank you Steve and Ranaee. 
Jamin, Michael and Stacia

It's been a busy week and my free time has been divided between time with Jesus, naps, party prep and/or working out...never all in any one day...but I'm trying to take a big picture view of life while we establish new routines. I haven't had minutes to blog. HOWEVER, loading photos reminds me of the highlights of the week and I'll post-date some blogs from the week on this lazy Sunday afternoon and in the next few days.

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