Saturday, November 07, 2020

Happy Saturday

 This morning began with a 5.1 quake not far from us.  This was followed by a couple of 4. aftershocks and another bigger one an hour later. The memories. My heart and prayers flew back to Japan - a country still deeply in my heart. 

Izaak came over and cut one of our dead spruces for firewood. Bre and the kids came over too. 

The cake looked a bit bedraggled but the kids were excited to see it and the decorations I'd not put up yet. I quickly got out candles and we had a "Happy Saturday" celebration. Most of the cake, itself, hadn't been eaten. 

Bella is 4 1/2

This boy's smile! 
Gideon @ 3 1/2 years old

Annie is 21 months old

Eating chocolate cake is worth pulling out the paci. 

Bre is due Nov 20th. Soon and very soon....Baby D4 will be here....
Bre is 35 - see I can do numbers

Annie thinks if she covers her eyes we can't see her! LOL  We ended the night playing a rousing game of Farkle. 

The ramp is taking shape, we got to visit with BreZaak - a good day it was. 

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