Friday, November 06, 2020

November's Birthday Bash

He loved his cake

The prep was done. We waited for Jamin and CoRielle so the party could begin.

When Benny opened the door I yelled, "Happy Birthday." He was extremely excited...jumping up and down and yelling back at me....he had a card for Papa. 
Benny, Papa and Auntie Co-co

Playing catch the dino egg. LOL 
I'm not sure who is having the most fun. 

Uncle - come look at my cake!

Photo by Arielle 

Yes - it was the affect we were going for...

Arielle has a darling video of Benny singing's a still shot. 

He blew, and he blew, and he blew, and then Papa helped. 

Ah, the pig hat. For over 25 years birthday celebrants have worn ye old pig hat. For these joint celebrations one grabs it...Papa is a good sport.  Benny returned the favor of help and blew out Papa's candles. He was on a roll. 

Getting the frosting off the dino's foot. 

"Turkey's" arrival is getting the end of this month. Arielle wanted to have Benny's birthday over before the new one we celebrated a week early. All is ready now....
Photo by Krista

We missed those who couldn't make it tonight - but it was a great night. Pre-schoolers are a blast....
Photo by Krista

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berrypatch said...

How fun! I love the dino cake! And yes, preschoolers are so much fun. LOL