Sunday, November 08, 2020


Nolan worked at McDonalds. Krista drilled from home - virtual drilling - it's a thing. It's not a GOOD thing - but it's a thing during COVID. Michael, Alex and Stacia went to church. 

Dad and I watched last week's service from OUR Alaska church and last week's service from our OREGON church....

Michael and the kids brought home a "picnic" so Dad and I could 
"eat out" too. It was nice. 

Aaron and Elise came over. I enjoyed visiting for a bit while Aaron smoothed out the ground where the ramp is being built before it could freeze.

We have had snow, then an afternoon of melt, and refreeze and more snow...and the deck and stairs down to yard were TREACHEROUS. Today was 40* and RAINY....I got the deck and stairs cleared. 

We had the same weather-induced problem with our driveway. Michael "squeegeed" the driveway.... We call this our TX snow shovel. LOL 

It was a valiant effort. It began snowing while he was out there. Heavy, big, fat flakes. 

Honestly, we brought Dad home early the week we had set aside for fall cleanup.... snow began.  It usually snows, warms up, snows, warms up before winter really gets a grasp on us. It has stayed cold this year until today. We may settle for a giant breakup clean up this year. 
Look @ the snow coming down

The girls and Dad watched Christmas movies. The guys played video games, read, and prepped for their early work day tomorrow. Michael wrote, I blogged.... 

It was a nice Sunday. 

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