Monday, December 07, 2020

A Fun Window Visit

 THIS pulled me from the throes of my 103 fever induced apathy...

Quarantine Photo of the Day 

...a window visit from Benny! We are happy for the ramp....we could get just a bit closer to our sweet one....Grandpa came out and joined the fun. Benny brought the rest of the family too! 

Danny, Cory and Arielle

Papa opened the door (that papa!) to get a closer look at Danny. 

He  began lobbing snowballs at Benny. Benny ran all the way across the driveway into the wood shed. I don't think it shows in THIS photo but he was sticking his tongue out at Papa as he dodged the snowballs.  You can make out him anticipate that snowball's arrival. 

CoRielle brought some hippie tea, Jello, lentil veggie soup and turkey broth. The visit did our heart's good. 

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