Wednesday, December 09, 2020

Turning the Corner on Covid

 I woke up this morning with a low grade fever and oxygen level of 96. WHUT? I felt I must be better - and as the day went on I realized I'm more at about 50 or 60%....I took naps. I ended up taking Tylenol as my SPLITTING headache still accompanies me....but when I took the Tylenol I went down to my normal 97.1. That is the first time in 12 days I have seen that temp....even with Tylenol. 

I think I've turned a corner. I was able to get bills paid, I made dinner, and I played two games with family. 

Quarantine Photo of the Day 

Krista goes back to work tomorrow - per new CDC guidelines and the timetable worked out for her by the school nurse.  The boys are back at work - per CDC guidelines.  The rest of us have decided to stick with the longer "old" CDC guidelines and stay quarantined until 15 Dec....because I am not taking ANY chance of going with the new guidelines, showing up at church Sunday, and blessing friends with THIS. 

Alex, Krista and Stacia seem fine. Nolan is doing well but "achy" and tired. Dad tells us he's fine - but I hear him on the phone sharing various complaints. When he's off the phone I ask him and he says, "I feel great." So.....his oxygen levels are fine, pulse rate is great and he never ran a temp. Praise God!  I'm assuming he's fine, but taking him in for a covid test to confirm. Michael - we just aren't sure about. He may have had covid, he may not have had covid. His symptoms weren't like the rest of us...but some don't get all the symptoms we did. I'm praying he does NOT get sick now that I'm getting better. We're ready for all of us to be better. 

Me? My first symptom was the 22nd of Nov, loss of taste and just feeling off. I know that's not the norm. It's what happened. Days later I began to run a low grade fever, had respiratory and GI issues develop. Then BAM my fever shot to 103 and wouldn't come down with round the clock Tylenol/Ibuprofen and numerous home remedies. It was up there from the 30th until this morning.  Monday my doc took me off Ibuprofen as my kidneys were compromised....and instead had me run out into the snow hourly and take even MORE Tylenol...2 days of that and my thermostat must have reset! Saturday and Sunday I felt so bad I was considering the hospital. It is not fun when one can't get a deep breath.  I was told I could stay home if I could drink 60 oz of water and if my temp didn't go above 103. I'm thankful I was able to stay home. 

I had thoughts of all the fun we'd have on quarantine - but we have spent most of it surviving. LOL 

Tonight, Michael opened his birthday gifts from the kids. 

I enjoyed being a part of the Advent Devotional tonight. 
That candle has traveled far since I was here. 

We ended the night playing Farkle. Dad was happy to be playing again...Stacia won. 

I think we've turned a corner. We are praying all have now had it - though Michael tested negative.  I've been told to expect a bit of time before I'm not tired or achy or head achy....but this is WAY better than where I've been...


Laura said...

Really thankful to read this update. Have been praying for you and your whole family throughout. Here's to turning corners!

Shelley Lee in MA said...

Agreed! Glad to hear you are turning the corner!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Thanks, guys! It feel good to be turning the corner. I appreciate your prayers.