Thursday, December 10, 2020

Another Day on the Road to Recovery

I woke up with energy and no fever again. The past two days I've noted my energy wanes by afternoon. 

THIS morning I used up some Granny Smith apples purchased BEFORE I started the Covid Coaster. 

Quarantine Photo of the Day 

Nolan and Grandpa (Dad) got up to apple pie for breakfast. The best part? It's sugar free! Yes, it still has calories and natural occurring sugar, but it's a fairly good choice for a treat for Grandpa and I. Of course, I didn't TELL him it was sugar free! ::snort:: 

As the day wore on - I napped. It would appear everyone felt fine today....I am worn out and dealing with splitting headaches. I've still not gone a whole day without Tylenol (due to headaches) or made it back to my normal 97.2....but I am SO much better.

Krista had to run to Walmart for a headlight and asked if I needed anything. I texted her my running grocery list and she picked it up and brought it home. What a blessing. 

Grandpa is NOT understanding why we said we won't be at church this week. By the new Covid standards - we ARE off quarantine as of today....but since 2 of us haven't had Covid yet, we are thinking we'll do the full 14 days.  Those of us who HAVE had Covid are perfectly safe to go out and about.... He reminded me he hasn't been to church since AUGUST. Maybe I'll brave a solo outing with Dad on Sunday. How hard can it be to navigate the chair, van, and bathroom issues without Michael?  We'll see how I'm feeling by Sunday. 

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