Friday, January 22, 2021

3 Year Itch

I have moved every 2 - 4 years ALL OF MY LIFE. We have been in this house for 3 1/2 years. NO, I am not feeling like I want to move...but I am feeling like it's time to rearrange a few things. LOL 

We were not overly impressed with this property when we first saw it. I loved the floors, the fridge, the cabinets...we liked the location, the yard, the woods, the windows...we did NOT like the emaciated horses, the shape of the living room, nor the MASTER BEDROOM.  The home we placed an offer on fell through. We asked these owners  to build a deck of the 2nd floor door that led nowhere - they did. We have learned this is an ideal location - beautiful, very little wind - but that small room remains. Like the living room, it's long and narrow. We suspect it was built to fit specific furniture, and that the plan changed as our heating vent is IN THE CLOSET.  Anyway - our room has been a frustration. We planned to knock out the wall between ours and the room off the living room - it would still be odd shaped but it would be bigger...Dad lives in that room now...LOL  It is what it is.  I didn't take a photo until we had made a giant mess....but here is our room. Standing in the door and looking in. 

To get to the bathroom - one has to walk to the end of the bed, around the bed, between the closet, bed, dodge a nightstand and success. This is not a problem...but I DO have a lot of bruises from trying to navigate it in the dark now that I'm up several times a night with Dad.  We've talked over and over about how we might be able to better arrange furniture...and it never clicked.  I began to play with painters tape and the tape measure......and we began to move things around. 

These photos are taken standing in the same spot as the above photo. Both our dressers are against the wall you don't see - to the left of the fan. We never watch TV so it doesn't matter that we can't see the TV. LOL 

It's a tight fit to open the door...but there is now a straight shot from the door to the bathroom. We had to switch sides of the bed - but it's working well. 

I did move a little bookshelf in to cover some big scratches right where the call button receiver is on the wall. 

We are still talking about moving the carpet from the nook to the room....and we still need to rearrange pictures to fit the new scheme...

Someday we'll do a major remodel of this room - but for now - this will work. No new bruises from middle of the night trips in the dark. 

Did I say a tight fit? The first morning I opened the door, the knob hit the corner of my dresser and I was locked out of the room. ::snort:: 

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