Saturday, January 09, 2021

Salmon and Gifts

Josiah and Carrie often visit on the weekend. This time they brought jars, salt and salmon.  We've been looking for the opportunity for me to show Cy how to can some of the fish he catches. This was that day. 

It's a long process.....once it was in the canner and the pressure was being watched....

Us girls - made a run for Thrifters Rock. Yep. We had a girls day OUT and it was fun. We scored some great deals. 

Cy, Carrie and Olivia headed back to the big town....we finally settled down and had our household gift exchange for 2020. 
Willing helpers

GG's haul...

Note the motorcycle vest...he is determined he is buying a motorcycle....said that isn't the same as driving. 

Stacia made a gorgeous purse for Krista and a great book bag for me! She could market these. 

Nolan received 2, possibly 3, new sets of Monopoly. He simply needs to find more who LIKE this game. LOL  He got an Alaskaopoly and this vintage set...there's another....

And now...I suppose "Christmas" is officially over. We aren't 100% sure when we'll take down the Christmas tree. It was up for our anniversary on Valentine's Day last year. 

Walking Tally - 55 miles out of 100 miles 

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