Sunday, January 10, 2021


This week has been emotionally busy....dads meds are back on board and he's starting to normalize....we're all dreaming of Sunday naps....but

Dad proved he can do what he wants and muscled himself down the wheelchair ramp by himself. He waited by the door. We've asked him not to do this at our home as the ramp is outside, icy and longer. 

Michael challenged us this morning to be full of grace and truth....and to live consecrated in the midst know 2021...whatever that may mean to you. 
My all-time favorite pastor

We spent the rest of the day reading....Michael displays a unique cross-word puzzle skill. 

We caught those naps on the fly.....Jamin and Arielle and the boys dropped by!  It was a great day. 

Millie is happy to be with Stacia


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