Sunday, January 31, 2021

TWO BULL MOOSE IN THE YARD or the View From My Kitchen Window

 Some days I LOVE the view from my kitchen window!  Is that a moose I see? Why, yes! I do believe it is. The moose have stayed up on the mountain as we've had a comparatively warm winter. It is just getting cold enough that they are showing up in our yard....

This guy STAYED all day long. Cars lined up on our normally quiet road as folks stopped to get photos....We all enjoyed watching the moose too....well, Danny is not sure the moose is worth all the fuss. 

Millie didn't take her eye off the bull all day. 

I finally decided this was a golden moose opportunity and I got closer for some shots. He was very willing to pose. 

He eventually moved over to the swing set.  We're happy to share. 

WHAT? A second bull moose in the yard. This is unusual and could get interesting....

Yep - it got interesting....

Finally, we are left with nothing but photos, prints and poop. 

The bulls turned this long, lazy winter day into a fun day of wildlife viewing. 

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