Saturday, January 30, 2021

Using the Gym Passes

Krista has 2 free gym passes a month. She needed to use them before February arrives. We love it when she invites CoRielle to go to the gym, and we all are able to join them. Josiah and Carrie called to see what we were planning for the day. They joined us with Livie, too!  The boys were working. Michael stayed home with Dad. He doesn't really like swimming in public pools and someone needs to be with Dad. 

We made lots of fun memories, I didn't get photos as my phone isn't waterproof.  Here are mental snapshots I took:

  • Livie going down her first water slide with Josiah. She's becoming quite the fish. 
  • Benny going down the waterslide with Auntie CoCo - before his parents alerted us that he doesn't like his face in the water. 
  • Josiah and Cory talking in the big pool - while juggling Benny and Livie. 
  • Visiting with Carrie and Arielle in the Kiddy Pool. 
  • Benny gleefully shooting me with the water gun. 
  • ALL of us sitting in the hot tub.
  • Benny walking out to the lobby in Cory's shorts - someone took his clothes. 
  • Benny loves me to the moon, back to the earth, up the stars, and then the ANGELS! That's a whole lotta love.  
Danny isn't 100% in love with the whole pool experience...and yes, I DO look that tired these days. 
Me with Danny, Arielle in the foreground
Photo via Carrie's phone

After the gym the Eagle River contingent headed home, CoRielle went on to new adventures and we came home for was the perfect time to give Alex a special bit of mail..... Alex graduated last spring. The ceremony was cancelled and he has chosen not to do an alternative...but he HAS his diploma from the Galena School District! 

Well done! 

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