Monday, February 22, 2021

A Great Monday

A photo for the day...I took one at the doctor's office in a cute little robe...but decided I'm not liberated enough to post here you go...another shot of the outdoor freezer. 

I filled this with spices, water and the turkey simmered all night and today we strained it and set it out to cool. 

Yes, I DID have that aforementioned appointment. I thoroughly enjoy my visits with Shelly. I am blessed to have discovered her for a primary provider. Today we discussed foster kids, parenting as an "older mom," and Victory Bible Camp.  Enough said. I leveraged the yucky annual appointment with a a Vagabond visit with Jennifer and Brenda! Yay! Way to plan ahead...though it really isn't anything I can take credit for NEXT year I WILL plan ahead. ::snort:: We received an  added bonus when Aaron and Elise pulled up outside our window.  I appreciated the boys staying with Grandpa so I could have a fun filled doctor visit. 

Michael was off to Eagle River. Why? To pick up JARED. We are always happy when Jared does a fly in. He needed  a covid test before flying out Thursday and can't get the needed test in he's here 3 days before his trip.  He will work from our home and we'll have him for evening visits. Jared and Michael pulled in right in time for dinner...Turkey Pot Pie. 

Nolan, Allie, Stacia, Alex, JARED, Grandpa, Michael 


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